Tariff Taxes

Posted by Timothy New on

We have been watching the trade war closely this week and today the US went through with their threat to increase taxes up to 25%.  This is not something we can simply absorb.  Therefore prices will increase on Monday for many of our products.  However, we will hold our prices at historic levels for Winner valves for a couple weeks hoping the politicians will reach an agreement.  Obviously we must remain competitive so the prices will only go up as much as needed to cover the taxes.  Our competition will have to do the same. 

If in the meantime the politicians reach a new agreement, then prices will reflect the new rates.

We have been sending emails with updates as they develop.  If you are not seeing these and wish to be included then let us know.  A good place for information and a complete list of HTS codes and rates can be found here... https://www.cmtradelaw.com/2018/10/latest-u-s-trade-actions-tariffs-and-other-countries-retaliatory-measures/

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